menhir (plural menhirs)

  1. A single tall standing stone as a monument, especially of prehistoric times.
    • 1963: no time has passed since we lived in caves, grappled with fish at the reedy shore, buried our dead with a song, with red-ochre and pulled up our dolmens, temples and menhirs and standing stones to the glory of some indeterminate god or gods — Thomas Pynchon, V.
    • 1980: On the coast tree ferns and pandanus palms. Inland termite menhirs seventeen feet high. — Anthony Burgess, Earthly Powers

6 letters in word "menhir": E H I M N R.

No anagrams for menhir found in this word list.

Words found within menhir:

eh em emir en er ern he heir hem hemin hen her herm hern hi hie him hin hire hm in inerm ire me mein men meri mi mien mine miner mir mire ne nie nim re reh rei rein rem ren rhime rhine riem rim rime rin rine